Refurbishment of the Rooms - continued

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Timber FramingThe building is timber framed, constructed mainly of oak; the method of framing is similar to 17th century domestic work with principal posts supporting bessummer rails and wall plates with close studding.

The framed walls were sensitively Wall frames supported on brick pilerepaired in 1908 and were generally in reasonable condition. However, some ad hoc repairs over the years had left some important frame members in a precarious state.

On the south elevation a false brick plinth had been formed burying the sole plate in brickwork. During repairs it was found that the sole plate had completely rotted away, together with the first 200-300 mm of each of the timber posts supporting the Gable end. It was necessary to piece-in new oak along the whole elevation. Wet rot in The Mallet Room

The timber frame has been thoroughly repaired, replacing timbers weakened by wet-rot and beetle infestation with new oak.

A damp proof course has been introduced to protect the new timber sole plates.


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