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Full terms and conditions will be sent with the formal booking information.
These are the key points affecting use of The Assembly Rooms.

DUE CARE. The Hirer agrees to take all reasonable and proper care of the premises, furniture, fittings and equipment belong to the Assembly Rooms and not to leave the building unattended whilst unlocked. The Hirer will be responsible for returning the Rooms to their original state. The Hirer shall reimburse the Trustees for the cost of any damage, theft or vandalism to the building and the grounds occurring during the period of the hire.

PARKING. Obstruction of the Assembly Road (which gives access to several houses) is not permitted at any time. Cars must not be parked so as to block a Fire Exit.

NO SMOKING. The Assembly Rooms is a wooden building. In the interest of safety, insurance and the consideration of other users, there shall be no smoking, nor may naked flames (e.g. candles) or inflammable materials be used anywhere in the building.

LICENCES. The Hirer shall disclose at the time of booking any proposed activity that may require additional Licences. This includes the sale of intoxicating liquor, performing rights, or the use of additional lighting or staging. The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining such Licences and providing the Clerk with a copy of the same in advance of the date of hire. Failure to do so will result in the booking being cancelled and loss of the hire charge.

GALLERY. This will be kept locked and is not generally open to the public. Restricted use can be arranged and is subject to separate conditions

LIABILITY. The Trustees accept no responsibility for damage or loss of personal effects or equipment, however caused. All vehicles are parked at their owner's risk.

FINISH TIME. The premises must be vacated at the arranged time or else a further charge will be made.

FOOTWEAR. Wearing of footwear likely to cause damage to the floors is not permitted in the Rooms. The Hirer shall be responsible to ensure that persons wearing such footwear are denied admission or asked to leave.

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